Sunday, 7 October 2012

Get Call Details About Any Call On Your Mobile Phone

Get Call Details About Any Call On Your Mobile Phone


It must be quite evident from the name what this application is all about. The name explicitly explains the basic purpose for which this application was built but it certainly does not tell anything weird about the application. CallsInfo brings out almost all the information about a call that you can even think, all the weird stuff related to a call.

CallsInfo is a Symbian mobile phone application or rather a smartphone application which is developed in python and developed for the S60 edition mobile phones. To know more about the extra ordinary statistics about an ordinary call, read below.
Features of CallsInfo:

• First of all, CallsInfo gives you a graphical representation of the incoming and the outgoing calls. You can selectively see the graph of the incoming and the outgoing calls depending on the filers you have set. In simple words, it analyses all the calls that either come in or go out from yourmobile phone.
• With this application you can also keep an eye on the number to which you have talked maximum.
• You can also store your call rates in the application and this application will automatically calculate the bill for you.
• You can also know the information like how many SMS have sent to each number.
• CallsInfo memorizes your calling pattern of each month and can estimate your future expenditure on the basis of the data it collects.
It’s like more of a fun application than providing any serious utility but at the same time I would say this is a must to try application. Just install this application and see the crazy piece of data.
Download CallsInfo for Symbian


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